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growing up is boring

growing up is boring

Building blocks for the young in heart.

Greatest of All time: Models

GoatGuns are 1:3 scale miniature models. These hefty little suckers are made from die-cast metal and weigh between 8-15 ounces. They range from 4" to 15" in length.

Build them up and break them down with parts that click into place. Have fun by customizing with accessories. Give your desk a manly makeover and start collecting now.

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Short History:

Short History:

Where: The idea of the miniature models originated from FPS video games. We wanted a way to bring to life what's played with in games. Now you are able to display the Greatest Of All Time Guns right on your desk. GoatGuns was started in 2017 in USA.

What: Goatguns are 1:3 scale miniature models. Great attention is paid to detail to ensure it's something to be proud of. Each model has functioning parts but cannot shoot. Made from die cast metal, each weighs nearly 1lb!

How: Using his laser shrinking machine and a whole lot of work, Sarge accurately brings down the size to 9"-15".

Who: Excellent gift for Veterans, Gamers, Emergency service men & women, Collectors, Hobbyists, Fathers & kids!

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