Sgt. Gunner here.

At ease.

I like to keep my recruits up to date so they can know what to expect. And shit, like any Sarge, I also like to surprise them and give them a hard time. Here is what you can expect from me and my staff in 2019 (minus a few surprises along the way).


Two 1911 prototype miniatures next to a Ruger 1911 (full size).

That's right!

You asked, we listened. The 1911 was the most voted for next model among several polls we did in 2018. While this will be larger than 1/3 scale, it will still be a non-firing miniature with all the same things you have come to love and expect from Goatguns. Mag will pop out, dummy rounds, a working slide... This thing is going to blow your MIND!

We'll release more information in months to come. Expect it to hit this summer '19... How fitting right? 


We are giving 'Desert Storm' (camo M4A1) and 'Bitchin Betty' (Pink AR15) a makeover. Current Pink carbon fiber will be turned into a bright pink small parts on the AR15 colored.
Desert storm will shed it's Digital camouflage and go FDE with black mixture. For those still wanting a Digital camouflage replica gun, you can buy the mini camo .50 cal.

Current (Limited Edition)

New (May 2019)

Current (Limited Edition) - They will be discontinued May 2019

New FDE M4A1 - (May 2019)


We will continue to roll out smaller updates, attachments and kit options. Keep up with us and what we are doing on Instagram (@goat.guns) or Facebook and give us your feedback on what else you would like to see.

We aim for 2019 to be a great fun year! Let us know what kind of promotions you would like to see and contests ran. Last year the fastest mini AR15 build was under 25 seconds! What else would you like to see done?

22 THOUGHTS ON “2019: Goatguns Plans & Updates”



by Eaglezero6205

I love the 1911 idea sounds great as long as it comes with the mini stand like the rest of them. I don’t like the bitching Betty redesign at all but maybe some of girls will.

I love the idea of the M4 redesign though looks great. Save me a .50 in the black I’m ordering for my birthday in May probably will place order in April and save me that desert storm I’ll take it too I was going to get it but bought a friend one instead.

REQUEST: Black Glacial Guards like the M4 uses but I want black! I’m not a huge fan of quad rails. Release in the attachment store! So I don’t have to buy another gun just for the guards I’m gonna swap them on my Charky or Fugazi not sure yet.

by Kyle

Need mini
Sig 55x preferably 552/553
H&k 416, G36, G3

by Michael Repass

German Lugar 9 mm
Beretta M92

by Kevin

I am wondering if you guys are ever going to make a SCAR variant? That is my dream gun along with the AUG which I own and would love to have it as a GOAT gun. Thanks for listening have a great day.

by Harv Meyers

I would like to see:

M1 Garand (one of the best battle rifles ever made – instrumental in winning WW2, Korea)
M1 Carbine

by Gary Wolff

I really like the Thompson but would like to see a drum for it.

by Michael Ricco

More sniper rifles please. I am planning on buying the new 50 cal soon.

by Kevin D Williams

Don’t forget the M1 Carbine and it’s paratrooper variant.

by Longhaired Redneck

I’d like to see an M16a1. I’d buy at least one, and know a few vets of similar vintage that would buy as well. I’ll be buying the 1911 as well…

by Fred olson

M60 with full belt

by Scott Dibble

Like to see 44 mag revolver

by Jeff Sedler

How about a M1 Carbine or a Grease Gun. Please let me know when the1911 pistol comes out !

by Jacob Harris

Hey Sarge! I’d love to see a FN SCAR 17. I think it would be a pretty awesome with its folding AND adjustable length stock. Might be too intricate, but the adjustable cheek piece would be cool too. Other moving parts could potentially be the bolt handle, flip up front and rear sight, gas block (suppressed/unsuppressed mode), trigger, selector switch, removeable magazine, etc. With all the moving parts the real SCAR has, it seems like it would be a great candidate for your next mini. I would say the 17 over the 16 just because the unique mag and caliber would give you more variety in your lineup instead of another 5.56 gun. I hope the input is helpful!

by Scott J Belasco

Would like to see a bipod for the AR – 15

by Billy Baconeater

Hooah. \m/

by Patrick Wayne Case

What Acessories are available for my Styer AEG Rifle ?

by Camilo

Hi guys it would be really cool if you make the KRISS VECTOR and the P90 thank you !!!

by Hay

Any plans to make an M134 minigun??

by Dave Larkins

How much would it cost to have an AR-15 camouflaged ?

by Monty Burich

I’d like to see some retro firearms. M-16, M-14, XM-16E1, BRN-10, Remington shotgun, M-60, M79 grenade launcher and other Vietnam era weapons.

by Seneca Castro

When will the 1911 pistol be coming in ? I would like to get 1 or 2. When they come in please email me