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Fans are loving building out several colors and variations of our miniature gun models. You can now buy individual attachments, shop them here

We thought we would make a post highlighting some of our favorite custom builds to get your idea-thinker going!


This was the winner of our photo contest in March of 2018. He took the AR15 body, added the fixed stock, snatch bipods off an AWM and then threw on the mini .50 cal sniper scope.  For a good finishing touch he put red electrical tape on the magazine.



Betty with scope and forgrip

Jay OG Blue AWM

AWM in Blue

Adam Carden

Custom desert tan with mix n match stocks

TMS rocking the acog scope

custom painted mini barrett BMG

Donnie did work on the Mini .50 cal.  FDE (light tan) painted with offset black makes it one beauty show piece.  Hell, we may just come out with a large batch of these soon ourselves.

Spray painted distress on the Black .50 cal. 


Rustic AWM (sand paper after painting)

A true Frogman.  Green and light green accessories

This fan one upped our own United States AR15 and we are damned well proud of it.  Stock Red and White, upper and lower receiver blue with striped railing.  This one took a lot of work but was made in honor of a squad mate.  Well done Robert Soliman!

Neon green with blood; ZOMBIE Apocalypse Goatgun!

mini ar15 cerakoted with real AR15

Ever wanted to grow up and be just like dad?  Well Allan Grant stepped it up a notch and made one badass FDE miniature AR15 show case!  Spray painted the pistol grip, stock, magazine and railing.  Like Father like Son...

Craige Rowe Grey/Black AK

Silver with black muzzle flash

 Pewpewpolak with a solid tan for the American Sniper

Army green painted miniature M4

Walt Willis did a hell of a job making a deep Army green mini AR.  What we liked best of all is the sight also painted.  

This fan had some fun coming up with military wraps for the stock and magazine. 

Rustic painted miniature AR15

A penny saved is a penny earned? Michael Norris really getting good at customizing the minis and photo taking.  Thanks for the badass shots bud! 



You don't have to be an expert to get the special color of a miniature gun that you have always wanted!  This is also a great way to test it out on a mini for $40 and then cerakote your real AR15 upon liking the color match.

You can buy attachments here to customize any of your miniatures.

Let's see your custom GoatGun!  Use hashtags #goatgun or #goatguns to be featured or tag us @goat.guns on Instagram to be featured.