Make a CUSTOM GoatGun like a Boss.

Remember our photo contest? Of course you do. We spammed your social media accounts for a week straight.

Our second place winner was Jay Og, with a customized version of our M16 replica 'Fugazi'. His picture (below) got a lot of attention and people asking how they can build their own. This is where we show you how.

E Pluribus Unum: The Replica From Many Replicas

After studying Jay's picture closer, I concluded that it took 3 different replicas to reach the end result:

1. M16 Body

The receiver, barrel, stock, and suppressor from the M16 were used as the base of this creation. The barrel grip was also removed for an even more customized look.

2. .50 Cal Scope

This part is a lot tougher to find. Jay used the scope from our discontinued .50 Cal sniper model, which fits well on the rails of Fugazi.

3. AWM Bipod

Holding the front end up is the bipod assembly from our AWM replica. If you look closely in the picture you'll see that the bipods aren't screwed on. That is because there is no place for them to screw onto Fugazi. They do however fit snugly over the bayonet stud, and stay on well.

Finishing Touch

Lastly, you'll notice the red accent stripe on the magazine. As far as I can tell it is simply red electricians tape. 

So there you have it. A look inside the rifle in one of the winning photos of the contest.

More Custom Models

Some people paint them, some people distress them. You can even take parts from other models for a different look. Check 'em out!

BettyJay OG Blue AWMAdam Cardenbuddy_sniper

Craige Rowe Grey/Black AK

Let's see your custom GoatGun!