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5 Best War Books


Sgt. Gunner here. In my opinion, these are some of the finest war-related books. I like my recruits to stay well informed and gain respect for what's been done by those who have served. 

Books, whether reading or listening to are a great source of information. In war books, readers can really re-live their experiences step by step. Some of these relate to both war and business and since I'm in charge of miniature gun company it's a win-win.

Take it from an olde Goat, these are worth your time and attention!

Here are Sgt. Gunners top 5 Best 'Battle Books'


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Wow - I salute all you people in Texas and wish I could have royal Texan blood in me. Their respect for country, unwavering faith and hard work is a testament to me.

Lone Survivor was made into a HollyWood movie (which is great as well; albeit off the story line some). The majority of the first half of the book goes through the rigors of SEAL training. The next half tears your heart and mind emotionally all over the place. 

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From battle - to business and back again.  Sgt Willink does a hell of a job giving you real life combat experience and then relating it to the business world. 

Want to increase your way of life? Want to succeed more in business or personal ambitions? Each conflict and war situation is broken down play-by-play and teaches one core principle.  Take ownership for what you do in life.  

He has a second book primarily for business leaders and corporate life called Dichotomy of Leadership.  It's also great; a little bit repetitive but if you are a manager and have staff under you you should read both. 


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History buff? War, guns and leaders can boggle any mans mind. This is a simple layout of the top American Guns that have forged Americas history.

American Hero (tribute our camo AWM after him) Chris Kyle compiled this amazing historic book before his passing away. It covers the most profound guns in history and how they shaped outcomes of battles.

For any fan collecting my epic miniature gun replicas; this one should be a requirement. Great for history lovers and haters alike.  All you need is to appreciate good craftsmanship and guns!

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Think you got it bad? Welcome to 1942.  It's World War 2 and the race to create heavy water as a process to create a nuclear weapon. 

Stationed in Norway Vemork, a band of brothers launch a secret mission to blow up and thwart Hitlers efforts in developing heavy water.

A thrilling story, The Winter Fortress is full of facts, names and facts of how it all happened over a span of months. These Norweigen allied forces troops were later given recognition by the President of the United States for their honor and valor. 

These guys survived storms and conditions that any normal man would want to concede to. 

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American Sniper war book

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Capturing 2 out of 5 of our best war books, the epic story of Chris Kyle's battles overseas are covered in depth. 

Well documented by his own kill count journal and those around him, Chris Kyle saved countless soldiers by providing over watch & kills on those who would harm US troops. 

Great movie as well; but if you don't read the book how are you ever going to know about the part where 16 terrorists are trying to cross the river in Fallujah on giant air balls as he shoots the balls one by one? 

Highly recommended, easy and good read. The man was protected from harms way dozens of times. Unfortunately in Gods own country while being a friend, his life was taken. 

Oorah Chris. 

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So that does it!

Top 5 battle-born books that can teach anyone respect, honor, hard work and history.  Other honorable mentions and favorites of mine include:

  • The Operator
  • SEAL Team Six
  • The Things they Carried
  • Unbroken

Have a book that didn't make a list? Please mention it to us by emailing us or letting us know on social media.