As he likes to say, "I'm a Goat, not an Ass."  Be careful not to piss off the Sarge too much or he might snip at ya. He is the genius behind the collectible rifle replicas.  After getting to know his recruits and learning about their gun collecting habits at home, he took it upon himself to make it possible for anyone to have a gun collection.  He makes sure all his models are high die cast metal quality and each one is hand painted or dipped in design film.  

Like most Sargents, he is a little rough and has seen his fair share of things.  Other than that he likes to kick it, drink a coffee, play poker with the guys and blow stuff up.

When you buy one of his Mini rifle models, you support him to keep coming up with new designs, new models and keep his troops well reinforced.


No, no, no.  They are high end collectibles just like you would get with a model scale car that doesn't actually drive.  Barrels are closed and ammo/bullets are decoy rounds.

Sgt. Gunner has a few nice bones in him.  Users that join the VIP club can earn tokens that can be redeemed for cash rewards, free product and exclusive Goatgun models.  It's free to join and your girlfriend already did so why haven't you?  Join here 

Yes!  Sgt. Gunner loves the hay in Canada. Sgt. Gunner doesn't care who buys his products as long as they like them.  We also ship to most countries in EU.