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Famous gamer Jahova calls them 'CS:GO Guns in Real life'! If you are a gamer you may enjoy watching this one.

Youtuber HarleyWood does A to Z on the minis. Note that our product packaging including plastic insert has since changed.

LOOK at this gaming rig setup! Gamer shows off the TMS model. (Packaging has since changed).

Airsoft fan? Surely you know of Airsoft Mike if so! With over 260,000 subscribers he is an expert in Airsoft world and compares an airsoft AK to a Goatgun.

Carolina EDC Reviews checks out the digital camoflauge on the M4A1 we call 'Desert Storm'

Want to surprise Dad with something better than a tie? Geauga Firearms Academy goes over why Mini's are the perfect gift for him.

Strike Industries was one of the first collaborators to work with Goatguns in 2017 and get their hands on the mini AK. Packaging has since been updated.

Alex Mendal (son to Howie Mendal) is a CA gun guru. See what him and the lovely lady say about the Miniatures guns.

Eric states 'I LOVE THESE THINGS' but with a bit more vulgarity ;).

TheGearFreak can't make up his mind between the Russian SVD or the M4. Help the guy out!

Locs n Load Firearm reviewers had to test out the Zebra coated M4.

American Gun Chic does a walk through of the miniature guns and then customizes the mini AR15 into a black & pink combo!

If you are a big FPS Gamer then you will recognize NukemDukem! He checks out the minis and refers to them as 'Similar to R6 mini guns!'

INTOWEAPONS is a popular Youtube channel and had to get their hands on the miniatures.

BOBdotexe has a couple of viral videos. He got his hand on the mini AK calling them 'Mini CS:GO replicas'

TheLateScout has a very loyal Youtube following of 200,000 subs. He features Goatguns products in several of them with this one focusing on the Minis.

History buff? See what you think about TheTacticalBlackGuys review on the mini SVD.

Samade unoxes and assembled the Mini AR15. The Marines emblem is no longer on the AR's and packaging has been updated.

GunsandGadgets has close to 100,000 subs and you should be one of them. Here they get their hands on the mini Gold AK.

Hank Strange is no stranger on Youtube. He was one of the first to get his hands on these at the ShotShow before we co-branded them as 'ATI Minis'.

Unityelt is a gamer on a mission. The Gold AK was his choice as it reminds him of something you would play with in Call of Duty.

45Snipers was nice enough to spend some time and make a 3D virtual review.