Opened = Not returnable

Unopened = Returnable << support who gives a hoof

Sgt. Gunner wants you to love your Goatgun.  He needs his troops to be happy.  But true to Sgt. Gunner, he has to draw the line somewhere and be strict at times.  

---- International Customers  ----

We will not issue refunds for items confiscated by your local Customs office (international orders) or for items returned to us for insufficient addresses.

It is your responsibility to check with their local Customs office to make sure they are buying a product that does not violate local laws. If Customs should confiscate or return a package to us, the buyer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from us. We are not responsible for confiscated goods or undelivered goods.

We have yet to have any issues with this (in CA, UK & MX).