Meet Tactipets | The Most Bad@ss Animals in World – Goat Guns



Sarge has some competition from all species of animals. This is only fair seeing as a GoatGun in any paw instantly bad@ssify's the animal.

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At last the ongoing debate of Cat VS Dog may finally come to an end but they need your help!

Huh, what, where? I don't see it

Proud Overwatch.
Photo Credit to @therealkingfrances

Bugs Bunny Bad@ssified.
Photo cred Brandon Cornwall

Naps when and where it wants
Photo Credit todjandflow

Pug pleading innocent

Holding onto whats perrrrecious
Photo Credit @heat.380acp

The real paw patrol
Photo Cred @tactical.taz

Matching Goggles on point
Photo Credit @budgetbugout

Beware of them eyes
Photo Cred @jacki_0

Sniffles quinceanera night
Photo Credit @rachelbee333

Look at that trigger control
Photo Cred Richard Hamburg

SNAP this
Photo Credit Robert Smith

Sniffing out Sarge...
Photo Credit to yayarestless

Cuddled up with Goldilocked
Photo Credit to 801russ_1_grand

On the Lookout for Boss
Photo Cred Unknown

The Small, the Few, The Proud
Photo Credit Michael Cruey

Sweet but packing heat
Photo Cred @Alex Zedras 'Cookie'

Lickin' chomps about to stomp..
Photo Credit @K9fritter

It's me or him, you don't get both

So many choices...
Photo Credit @gunfunny

Yes Sir Sgt. Gunner!

Bug Bunny gone AWOL
Photo Credit Rachelbee333

Yes Sir Sgt. Gunner!
Photo cred: Recon Pups

Huh? I don't see it...
Photo Credit @Tactical.taz


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