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Pets Love GoatGuns


Sarge has some competition on his hands from other animal kingdoms...

Ever since we started Goatguns, we've notice one thing... People love taking pictures of their pets with them.

Here are some of the best fan submissions so far:

Instagrams most famous dog, @tactical.taz opening and caressing his first Goatgun - our favorite video to date.

Sniffing out Sgt Gunner....

One eyed kitty armed and ready...

Tactical taz with miniature goatgun

Tactical Taz aiming down sights...

Which one will it choose?

Easy does it kitty kitty....

Iguana with goatgun

Wait; I don't see ig..nuavamind, there it is!  One of our favorites and has been used on our home page!

Bugs gunny

Little bugs-gunny here for duty!

Michael Croey taking professionalism to the next level with this tactipup!

Famous dog Cookie (@Alex_Zedra dog) carrying around some PewPower

The ever so watchful Guard Owl...

This dogs carrying some heat! (Our Mini M16)



Hoppy Easter...


MafiaCat ready to go with the TMS

And well, why not?! Have some by a giant Turtle...


Looking down range with the miniature .50 cal

This guys on Cat Watch

Making sure the squirrels don't invade... Mini Gold .50 cal

COME AT ME! First time we've seen a lizard with one... Mini sniper


Got a picture of your GoatGun with your pet?

Tag us or us #goatgun #goatguns and we'll share it on our site.