How to Assemble GOATGuns

Basic instructions come with each gun, but to make things easier Sgt. Gunner put together some video tutorials.  
Note - Color of model does not change how to assemble it.  (ex: A Black AK47 is same assembly as a Gold AK47).

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AK47 - Automatic Kalashnikov Rifle

AK47 Assembly Manual

Buy:  Black AK47  Gold AK47  Red AK47

Here's another video done by our friend SMASH on the AK


M4A1 Assault Rifle 

M4 Assembly Guide

Buy:  M4A1 Black  Digital Camo


TMS - Thompson Sub-machine Gun

TMS Assembly Guide

Buy: Thompson Submachine Gun (TMS) WW2


AUG - Armee Universal Gewehr

AUG Assembly Guide

Buy:  Camo AUG  Black AUG


AWM - Artic Warefare Magnum Sniper Rifle

AWM Assembly Guide

Buy:  AWM Black  AWM Digital Camo


SVD - Snayperskaya Vinyovka Dragunov

SVD Assembly Guide

Buy:   Wood pattern SVD

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