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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 
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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 

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Cute and looks the part!

I like it! It functions pretty much like the real thing. Size wise, it's ok, as ammo containers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes anyways. It'll complement any Goat Gun display. I plan on getting a few more to pepper my shelf with. Good Job, Sarge!

Green Sling
Don B.
Works, for the most part....

It's a sling, it's green, that much true. They work with most Goat Guns, some need a little mod'ing. The main issues I have with them is that the hooks are way out of scale, they are pretty long, and there are no matching Keepers on them. For those that mod their Goat Guns, it's no big deal, but it would be nice if we didn't have too.

Mini MK22 - Tan
Joseph Santistevan
Best goat gun

Love the realistic parts on this model from the bipod with springs and adjustability of height to the scope and the way it cycles the dummy rounds. I already have all available guns and almost all the attachments. A++++

Mini MK22 - Tan
Rily Hyer

The Barrett mk22 is by far the best goatgun I’ve gotten, it is built very solid and also all the parts work is a huge 1 up to the other 2 I have

Mini M16A1
Keith Wagner
Great product

Great product. Looks awesome next to my AR 15. Will be getting more for th collection

Mini MK22 - Tan
Elwin Holloway

This is above and beyond great, so many different and realistic moving parts. One of my all-time favorite Goat Guns. I cannot wait for more new models to come out.

Mini MK22 - Tan
Douglas Kemp
Best goat gun so far!

The sarge should be proud of the mini mk 22.

Mini MK22 - Tan
Rene Lobo
Best Mini gun ever!

I was impressed by quality! I just ordered my second one!!!

MK22 hits the Mark!

Another great gun! Fantastic details. Gonna have to fill that barrel gap, but all part of the fun.

Mini MK22 - Tan
Chris Emerson

This is definitely one of my favorite models. It went together so nice and the looks are awesome. Highly recommend this one!

Beast mode!

These guns are perfect for my collection. Great looking and realistic.

Goat gun always surpass my imagination

Each and every time I receive a new goat gun miniature I'm blown away by the fine detail, and quality of these models. The features continue to improve, with greater detail and likeness of the originals they're modeled after. I'll continue to buy these because of the value in my investment. Goat Guns rock.

Mini SIG MCX - Concrete

Really a fun build. Those screws are really small though. Need to have several extra in pkg.
Love the way it ejects the shells, really nice.

Fun bolt action goat gun

It's fun and bolt action just makes it better while it loads and eject a dumb round

Mini MK22 - Tan
MK22 Gnome Hunter

The MK22 from goatguns is nothing short of Bitchin!!

Yet another gun where goatguns has outdone themselves and raised the bar for standards. The MK22 features from stock to muzzle a suppressor that screws on over the existing barrel a fully functioning Harris Bipod with extending legs and canting adjustability the mag is a smooth loading easy insert easy extract FEEDING magazine the Bolt cycles and feeds rounds into the chamber and cycles to eject the rounds. The scope features an attachment rail and the buttstock the folds. This platform is highly capable and has served its purpose of clearing out invading Gnomes in Operation Gnomemans land. This platform capable of engaging garden gnomes at great distances blowing the hats right off their heads. Give those Gnomes a reason never to step foot in your garden again with the MK22 from Goatguns! GG Bois.

Everyone loves this!

Everyone likes to stop by my office to say Hello to my little friend!

Mini .50cal - Black
Overall good

only 4 stars because the .50BMG rifle is not completely interactive such as the rounds not ejecting, and the barrel rattles, but overall fun to assemble and looks great sitting as a display

Mini MK22 - Tan
Serious sniper rifle

This is an outstanding model, highly detailed. Fully functional replica. Love this one and can't wait for the others in this series to be released


I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday, he really liked it and is happily displaying it on his desk in our office. Will be buying another one soon!

Mini MK22 - Tan
death from envy
Love it

No real issues little locktite for the barrel thread to "time" align the muzel break when suppressor not in use.... Asside from that as always amazing and great quality product.

Memory Lane

Awesome replica, reminds me of my younger days standing guard in Beruit

Mini SIG MCX® - Black
AJ McAllister
Goat Guns, FN Awesome.

I am very satisfied with the model guns. The guns are so realistic and fun to put together. I grew up an army brat, my dad was in military intelligence. He past away 2 years ago, so I got the flag in a triangle holder. The only thing I would ask is for a machine gun on a tripod. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Great first goat gun

My first time ordering a a goat gun and it was a lot of fun assembling it. The stand that comes with the gun is fantastic also, so my gun can sit stylishly on my desk.

michael shaw
Thompson Submachine Gun

Awesome model of an awesome weapon, well done. It would be very cool to see the BAR or BREN Gun, but this is my 3rd weapon (1911 Colt .45 and M16 A1) and all these models are awesome , well done !

Great, but I liked the old model better

While the newer version is more accurate and will let you cycle rounds, it isn't as good a fidget toy. The old one you could load the magazine and cock the slide all you want, but the new one if the magazine is in, you either cycle rounds or if empty, the slide stop catches. Not as much fun to fidget with.

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