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miniature black M16 rifle replica

Miniature M16

Nicknamed 'FUGAZI'

Precision. Rapid. This M16 replica gets it's name 'FUGAZI' as it came out and became the standard rifle during the Vietnam War in 1964. 'Fugazi' is something that is completely out of whack, messed up or screwy. This mini replica is just that -- completely and necessarily out of whack, yet so right. 

  • 100% Real Diecast Metal M16 Replica
  • Adjustable Vertical Fore-grip
  • ACOG mini scope 
  • Charging handle pulls back
  • Ejection port that opens / closes
  • Metal mag with release feature
  • 3 dummy rounds
  • Trigger squeezes
  • Selective Fire switch
  • Comes with Goatgun trophy stand
  • Fun to assemble & modify (instructions provided)
  • Non-firing, closed barrel - Legal in all states


black M16 toy model gun sideview
  • All Metal parts on this Badass M16 1:3 scale collectible gun.  Interchangeable parts! Extremely accurate model of a M16 Military Rifle. Users have fun modifying and coloring this model. 3 dummy rounds and suppressor also included. 
Size & Color
  • 11" /  28cm.  Solid Black.  'Fugazi' weighs a hefty 13 ounces!
Getting Started
  • Some assembly required.  Instructions provided.
M16 rifle parts
M16 Replica with Goatgun box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Really great customer service

Even though it was right before Christmas, and there were complications with the inventory getting restocked on time, my order was delivered in time for Christmas! Couldn't have asked for better customer service. Thank you!

Great Product and People

The product it’s self is very high quality, and the customer service was great, even around the busy times of the holidays. I look forward to future purchases from Goat Guns.

The Kids Love Them

Picked up a crate of guns and distributed them to my grandkids. They have been tinkering with them ever since. Maybe the best gift they got this year.

very cool surprise

I am still playing with the lifelike features of my Goat Guns M16. I can't wait for an AR10, SCAR17 or HK91 version to add to my desk collection of safe confined treasures. Keep them coming please.

They"re great.

Just like the real thing, just smaller.

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