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Red AK47

red ak47 replica model goatgun
Miniature Red/Grey AK47
Nicknamed 'REDTEAM'

Drip Drip. Splatter. All Reds... Meet RedTeam, a diecast AK47 model dipped in pure red.  'REDTEAM' is a body of experts who are instructed to research and suggest alternative methods to a planned course. In it's own case, they suggested entirely changing the looks of an AK and that's exactly what the team did.


  • Miniature AK47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova) Replica
  • Die cast metal in flashy Red with grey/black checkered design stock
  • Adjustable sight
  • Bolt functions
  • Red Receiver and dust cover
  • Metal magazine with functional mag release
  • 3 dummy rounds
  • Trigger functions
  • Selector switch
  • Fun to assemble & modify (instructions provided)
  • Non-firing & closed barrel. This is not a weapon.
pieces of Red AK47 Goatgun
  • Classic AK47 scale model gun turned crazy by Sgt. Gunner. Assemble yourself! Each model has been custom hydro-plated Red.
Size & Color
  • 11" / 28cm. Black and Gray checkers plastic against Red die cast metal. 11oz  
Getting Started
  • Comes as a self-assembly kit. Instructions provided.  This is the best part for most users!
Red AK47
REDTEAM goatgun with box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Best Replicas.

When I ordered my first Goat Gun I wasn't sure that it was a 1/3 scale of the real one's I thought I would get a toy ! Boy was I pleasantly surprised and Sgt. Gunner I don't use the word Pleasantly loosely!! Now I'm on my Sixth one they are just like the real one's I should know I have four of the Real one's !.. My only question is when are you going to make pistols next ?? other then that I'm very happy with my Purchases.. OORAH.

Out Of Sight

Awesome a Collection!

Goat guns

I love these collectibles, I have 4 of them and soon I want to own them all to hang up on the wall!! Thank you for the great service and shipping them out so quickly


Great guns and fast shipping


Lot of overcast on the paint had to scrap a lot off, stuff to retool a couple things but other than that, it went together and looks nice.

Thanks for working on it! The Red AK has been our most fragile model and won't be making more. The electroplating ended up flaking too much.

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