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Miniature Gun Models

What are these mini gun replicas? They are 1:3 scale model rifles. Do they shoot? Nope! Just like model cars don't drive, our miniature guns are meant to build and display. Each ATI Mini comes in a kit that you assemble (5-15 min) and customize as wanted.

Now you can get your hands on a full set of history at a fraction of the cost.


Orders shipped daily.
Free USA Shipping over $50


Assembles like the real thing.
Add attachments & customize.


Showcase your collection.
Perfect for desks, book shelf or work shelf.


Sgt. Gunner stands by his products.
30-DAY Money back guaranty.

Miniature gun wall


Start and grow your own miniature gun collection today! Fans all over are coming up with creative ways to display these including their own miniature gun wall.

What are Miniature Replica Guns? 

  • Die cast metal models of your favorite rifles
  • Fully assembled, they weigh 8 to 15 ounces
  • Each comes in Goatguns packaging as a kit that you assemble
  • Each comes with 3 dummy rounds and cannot fire
  • Ability to customize, add or interchange parts with other models (ex. a Suppressor can fit AK47, M4 and AR15)
  • A fun and affordable way to start and grow a gun replica collection


Have an idea? Ever wonder how a certain color or design would look like on your rifle? Our fans LOVE customizing the miniatures. Match your current AR build or make one that you would never do to your real gun! Fans can:

- Cerakote or spray paint
- Add attachments (Shop them here)

Sgt. Gunner is still a fan of the real deals and has a collection himself. Unfortunately most get stored away in a dark safe and users don't get to look at their beauty each day. Now you can match your rifle or design something wild for all to see (and touch). Perfect for the man cave, office or book shelf in the room.

Custom cerakoted miniature guns


Teaching children gun safety is important. We believe in empowering children with the knowledge of safely handling firearms. The miniatures provide a perfect way to get their hands on a gun model without worry of a discharge.

Kids of all ages can (with help of an adult) assemble these and learn specific parts to gun models. While we didn't set out on a mission to teach gun safety, we have been amazed at the responses from parents about how it served this purpose.

Keep it up badass care takers!



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